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"From Porterville, With Love"
by: Cam Smith
One Man Show, Audio
"Most Nights, I Wish It Was You"
by: Cam Smith w/ Peter Paul
Book, Paperback
Distribution via InVogue Records
"Found Footage"
by: Cam Smith w/ Peter Paul
Book, Paperback
​Distribution via InVogue Records
"Everything We Could Have Done Differently"
by: Hotel Books, Cam Smith
Spoken Word Poetry, Audio
Hotel Books will be on tour with Hawthorne Heights Spring 2018 w/ Listener, Sienna Skies and Heavy Things. Click on the poster below to get dates and tickets.
"Call Me Human"    
I’m about to turn 25. A quarter of a century. Weird. Anyway, a handful of people have contacted me on Twitter and Instagram, asking how to send me a birthday present. Don’t send me a birthday present, please.

To celebrate my birthday, (as well as 7 years of Hotel Books), I have decided to put our first album “Call Me Human” back online (with a very limited number of downloads available). This is a pre-order that will be released February 16, my birthday. Proceeds from this will go to The Innocence Project (who just aided in saving my friend’s life), as well as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you want to help Cam celebrate his birthday in this way, please click on the photo above, which will link you to the band camp page where the album has been made avialable. Thank you very much!


Last spring and summer,
I made a movie.
The movie was written by myself, as well as my writing partner, Peter Paul. The film is called "Better Than Nothing," and it is currently being pitched around in hopes of selling it into distribtion. Below (and to the right), are screen shots from the comedy film. BTN is about Cam K, a young man who aspires to be famous, and many people come in and out of his life in the process.

The movie stars me (Cam Smith), as well as Peter Paul, my beautiful girlfriend Steph Rios, my dear friend Karlin Wiens, as well as some new actor friends Tre Nixon, Mukund Komonduri and Katie Rossi.

More information will be available about this film when I am allowed to share details. For now, I hope you enjoy these photos from the film. Thank you.